Top Online HTML5 flipbook Creator – Free!!!

Allowing users to convert PDF and Word files to page flipping e-books, flipbook software provides a full set of features and settings for managing the aesthetics of each project.merge two to one  has developed Online HTML5 flipbook Creator for easily creating e-books with a flipping page effect. The software also includes many features for customizing the look of each project, including templates, themes, backgrounds, and more. Whether e-publications are intended for internal or external customers, the flipbook software allows users to focus on presentation regardless of their level of expertise with graphics and publishing.


Users of the PC version have all the functions included in the software for Mac and more. In the PC edition, users can choose from multiple output options allowing them to publish e-books on websites and blogs, via email, or burn them to a CD. There are also toolbar, security, language, and copyright settings, plus more features Mac users often request. While PUB HTML5 for PC is widely considered more versatile, the company is focusing its attention on the Mac version to cater to users’ demands.


New to the popular software line is the bookcase feature. All e-books can be displayed on a digital bookcase by the publisher. This makes all the titles easily visible, for the purpose of viewing files. Soon, publishers will be able to create a shopping function out of this model, making it simple to start an online e-book store for any user or small publisher.


These aspects of the software help anyone to create beautiful scenes and graphics to grab attention in any digital book, magazine, catalog, annual report, or manual. The settings can be changed easily via the software interface. For more information on these capabilities and more software features, visit




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